It has been three years since former Jamison Capital Partners portfolio manager Marwan Younes launched his own macro commodities hedge fund after spinning out from Stephen Jamison’s global macro and commodities firm with a seed investment.

His New York-based CPO/CTA, Massar Capital Management, has been quietly building a strong track record of uncorrelated returns, notching up profits every year since inception as the commodities space has come under pressure and many luminaries have closed their doors, including, most recently, Jamison’s main fund.

Younes is one of a new breed of commodities fund managers who are leveraging technology and automation to adapt to the market shifts that have proved costly for some larger peers and to more efficiently find alpha in today’s deluge of data.

Younes, founder, president and CIO of Massar, is keen to avoid a common feature among many managers who run into poor returns.