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Principles for Responsible Investment

Massar Capital launches new global discretionary strategy

“Massar Capital Management has launched a new discretionary macro hedge fund strategy which aims to capitalize on directional trading opportunities across a broad set of global markets.

The Massar Macro Directional is the New York-based firm’s second strategy and began trading on 1 October with UDSD300 million in assets under management.”

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Oil Price Swoon Spurs Traders to Bet on Further Declines

Massar Capital’s Macro Commodity Fund was awarded the 2021 Investors Choice Award for the top “Global Macro Fund – Long Term Performance” and the top “Global Macro Fund” in the Americas.

The annual Investors Choice Awards honor fund managers that have achieved outstanding risk adjusted absolute returns across a range of investment strategies and fund sizes. The winners are selected from the Top Performers in each category by a panel of institutional investors based on a range of qualitative criteria including investment processes, risk framework, transparency, team, and ability to generate alfa.

This marks the second consecutive year that Massar Capital has received the “Global Macro Fund” Investors Choice Award.

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